Treating Drool Rash on Baby’s Neck

 Treating Drool Rash on Baby’s Neck

Effective Tips & Tricks to Treat Drool Rash on Baby’s Neck

Drool rashes in babies are a common side effect of teething- infact, a lot of babies drool and develop rashes around their mouth and neck even when they aren’t getting new teeth. If your baby too, has started to develop these rashes, here’s a quick guide to help you deal with it better.

Preventing Drool Rashes

Keeping your baby from drooling can be a tad bit difficult, especially if he has already started teething, but the best way to actually prevent a drool rash is to make sure your baby’s skin is clean and dry at all times. You might also want to consider getting some drool and burp cloths for your baby, which can act as a barrier between the skin and the saliva.

Tips to Treat Drool Rash on Baby’s Neck & Mouth

If your baby has already developed a drool rash, here are some tips to help heal it fast.

  • Make sure you have a soft burp cloth handy at all times. This should help you wipe away all the saliva that dribbles down your little one’s mouth.
  • At times, the saliva can also settle in the folds of your baby’s neck region, so make sure you clean that area frequently as well.
  • When cleaning the are with a cloth, use very gentle pressure and dabbing motion instead of rubbing the cloth over your baby’s skin.
  • Avoid using any chemical products that may further irritate and aggravate the area with the rash.
  • Consider applying a thin coat of skin healing ointment (as recommended by a doctor) on the affected area so as to soothe the region and stimulate its healing and also to form a sort of barrier against the wetness of the saliva.
  • Stick to organic soaps, creams and body powders for your baby and even when choosing a drool cloth, make sure you pick something that is made using 100% cotton.

Following these simple and actionable tips may help a lot when it comes to soothing your baby’s aggravated skin and healing a drool rash on baby neck super fast.

In addition, if you’re planning to invest in some good burp cloths or bibs, we’ve helped you choose from the best of the best available online. You’re welcome!

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