Toddler Insomnia: 10+ Effective Solutions that Work

 Toddler Insomnia: 10+ Effective Solutions that Work

Discovering the Best Actionable Tips to Tackle Toddler Insomnia

Picture this- you’re dead tired after a long day at work and you’ve been getting the house clean and sorting out everything at home since you’re back- naturally, you can’t wait to jump into bed and go off to sleep. And just when it feels like you’re done for the day and everything’s sorted, your little toddler comes right in, complaining he can’t sleep. Sounds familiar? Your toddler could be hit by insomnia.

So is toddler insomnia actually a thing, and are there any ‘natural’ ways to tackle it? Yep! Keep reading to find out.

Can Toddlers Have Insomnia

Yes, toddlers can suffer from insomnia- the reasons behind it may range from something as simple as stress to skin disorders or other physical discomfort, the use of caffeine or other stimulants before bedtime, the side effects of certain medications and sometimes even environmental factors. Thankfully, a few simple steps are all you need to take to have your kid get a good night’s sleep, and you too!

Best Toddler Insomnia Remedies

Depending on the trigger, you can try these effective remedies and actionable steps to tackle insomnia and promote restful sleep.

  • Limit screen time, especially before bed. Make sure your kid is not exposed to any blue light (cellphones, tablet devices and TV) atleast an hour before bed.
  • A relaxing bedtime ritual can work wonders in promoting sleep, especially for kids and toddlers who are hyperactive.
  • Stick to a proper sleep schedule- erratic sleep times can not just be harmful for your little one, but will also make him more likely to stay up when you’re sleeping early. Make it a point to have him in his bed everyday on the exact same time.
  • Give him all the cuddles- don’t underestimate the healing power of touch, especially a mother’s touch. A nice warm hug and a goodnight kiss before bedtime is a great way to have your kid all cozy and ready to sleep- stress free.
  • Lavender essential oil in particular can be a great natural sleep stimulant. Rub a few drops of the oil on your kid’s sheets or pillow covers.
  • A nighttime bath can also work wonders- and adding a few drops of lavender oil into the bath water can have your kid ready to sleep in no time!
  • Check if your little one has a comfortable environment in his room- in many cases, toddler insomnia is actually due to an uncomfortable environment. Make sure your kid’s room is well ventilated, has fresh sheets and the right temperature for him to be comfortable enough.
  • Singing a bedtime lullaby or a little story can be a good idea- it also helps strengthen the parent child bond, and can make your little one officially ready for bedtime.
  • A small cup of warm milk before bedtime can make for a healthy and natural sleep stimulating drink for your little kiddo. The calcium content of milk stimulates the production of melatonin which controls and regulates the sleep cycle, lowers body temperature and causes a sort of drowsiness.
  • Use a herbal sleep sachet. Add some dried herbs (lavender, chamomile and lemon balm flowers) to a fabric pouch and have it by your kid’s pillow. These herbs help create a calming and soothing environment effortlessly.

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