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5 Strategies to Help Your Negative Child Turn Positive

Thoughts are things. You may have heard of it several times, and also seen it to be true in many ways through your own personal experiences. Harsh and stressful thinking doesn’t just have an impact on your mental health, but physical health too, and it does so in many ways. And it turns out, negative […]Read More

Law of Attraction for Kids: 101

From watching ‘The Secret’ to reading dozens of books on the law of attraction and possibly even mastering it, we’ve all been there and done it, and sometimes, we’ve failed too! The law of attraction can be quite frankly one of the most important lessons in life. It can do everything from shaping our reality […]Read More

Calcium Supplements for Kids Uncovered: Top 10

Growing kids have special nutritional requirements, and if you’re still confused about choosing the right calcium supplements for kids, here’s a little help! Keep reading to discover everything from why and when you need to choose a calcium supplement for your kid to quick tips to pick the right one a list of the top […]Read More

Best Construction Toys for Kids 2017: The BIGGEST List!

Toys aren’t just something to keep your little one busy- they’re also a great tool that helps improve their motor skills and boost brain development in the early stages. Choosing the right toys for your kids can help make a huge difference- and that’s exactly what we’re here to help you with! We’ve compiled the […]Read More

Can Kids Drink Coffee?

Answering the Question: Can Kids Drink Coffee Growing kids have a tendency to be fussy with their food, but they also like to explore different tastes and develop them. You may be a coffee lover yourself, but you may find yourself asking the question- can kids drink coffee? Well, if that’s where you’re stuck, here’s […]Read More

8+ Actionable Bedwetting Solutions that Work!

Uncovering the Best Bedwetting Solutions for Children & Teens Raising children into confident and motivated individuals can be a tough job- you’ve got to handle your household work, office work, social life and still be involved in your child’s life. While there are several possible reasons your child could be experiencing loss of bladder control […]Read More