Law of Attraction for Kids: 101

 Law of Attraction for Kids: 101

From watching ‘The Secret’ to reading dozens of books on the law of attraction and possibly even mastering it, we’ve all been there and done it, and sometimes, we’ve failed too! The law of attraction can be quite frankly one of the most important lessons in life. It can do everything from shaping our reality to the one we want it to be, to making our lives better, more beautiful.

You may have had your share of hits and misses with different law of attraction principles and techniques, but that’s only because (you’ve heard this a hundred times already) your mind is clogged up with years and years of conditioning that suggests ‘hard work’ is the only key to success, and that you can’t have it all.

And that’s where this comes in! Introducing your kids to the law of attraction at this early stage itself is one of the best decisions you could make, and not for one but many many reasons. Let’s take a closer look and uncover some of the best ways to help kids learn and master the law of attraction and help them grow into confident and happy individuals who lead happy and rich lives.

LOA for Kids: Why it Works Better

You’ve heard it already- years and years of brainwash and exposure to unhealthy ideas and principles have made us all develop a sort of clog in our system, that doesn’t allow us to accept and utilize the principles of the law of attraction as openly as we’d like. There’s always a voice in our head that constantly says “oh that’s just not gonna happen” or “do you really think things will get better?”

Children, on the other hand, are not as well developed as us, and that works in their benefit of course. They are not as emotionally and cognitively well developed, and that is why, they tend to manifest things and achieve their goals much better than we do. That’s because they actually believe they can do it!

Teach Your Child the Most Important Secret – Law of Attraction and Goal Setting for Kids

Introducing your children to the principles and practises of the law of attraction can be an amazing step to help them boost their confidence levels and strengthen their belief in themselves and the universe, which is filled with abundance that’s for them! Here are a few steps you can take to help them with just that!

Law of Attraction Exercises for Kids

One of the best ways to help your kids master the law of attraction is to allow them to explore the power of imagination and get them to play with it. The mind is a powerful tool, and if stimulated in the right way it can work wonders.

  • Get your kid a nice colorful journal and ask him to label it as the gratitude journal. Here he can pen down the things he’s grateful for that he’s received, and also list down his goals and his desires in another section in the book.

  • Set aside a time of 10-15 minutes in the day with your kid, where you just relax, close your eyes and visualize in your mind’s eye, how you would want your ideal future to look like. Picturing in as much detail as possible can be amazingly helpful!
  • Children love drawing and painting and that’s another cool way to stimulate your kid’s mental faculties. Every week, do a session with your kid where you draw and/or paint your desires or goals in vivid detail.
  • Another cool trick to implement with your kid and help him embrace the law of attraction is to have him stand in front of the mirror and repeat his favorite affirmations or sentences that help him feel empowered and positive and motivate him.
  • Sneaking in a few minutes of daydreaming and imagining as if the goals have already been achieved can also help.

Vision Boards

One of the most widely accepted and implemented tricks to master and reap the benefits of the law of attraction for kids is the vision board.

All you need is a huge board and clippings and cut-outs of your goals and dream life inspirations and powerful positive words, and some time off to just concentrate on building and compiling the vision board and making it look as close as possible to your idea of the perfect life.

Making a vision board can be a wonderful team effort and can help you and your kid spend some quality bonding time together, and it can turn out to be a productive one too!

Once the vision board is done, you can put it up on your kid’s bedroom wall or someplace in the living room where it can catch your kid’s eye often.

The Best Bundle

Believe it or not, every child has the tools to a successful and abundant life right in his hands always, and you, as a parent, can do a lot to help him realize that.

This bundle helps you do just that and introduce your kid to the best, most empowering gift of his life- the law of attraction.

This comprehensive success program includes everything your kid needs to know about it, and in a child-friendly and interactive way. It packs in 3 beautiful eBooks, 1 audio book and 9 video lessons to feed your kid the richness that’s meant for him and to help him realize his dreams!

Plus, it also packs in 10 unique bonus games, guides and activity sheets- all set to boost his confidence and help him dream big and achieve his goals and turn out to be the passionate, successful and happy individual you’ve always wanted to be!

Educators and psychologists from around the world love this program, and it is the perfect way to help children understand the power of their own mind!

Help your kids build a fantastic future for themselves and grow as powerful individuals who love life!

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