Kiwi Crate: Which One to Choose?

 Kiwi Crate: Which One to Choose?

Subscription boxes have become extremely popular now- they work as ideal birthday gifts and are a good way to pamper yourself too! And now, within all the beauty and snack boxes comes Kiwi Crate- possibly the most innovative subscription box for kids.

Unlike toys and games, the Kiwi Crate packs in what is just right for the generation of scientists, artists and makers of tomorrow- a box full of materials that inspire hours of innovation and fun, all designed right to suit your kid’s age and creativity.

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What’s best is the part that the Kiwi Crate goes beyond the traditional STEM learning and gets in STEAM learning- science, technology, engineering, art and math.

The Kiwi Crate is split up in 4 age groups, and 2 categories within each group- the choice can get a bit overwhelming sometimes.

The Koala Crate

This one’s the play and learn crate which is perfect for kids between 3 and 4 years of age. It packs in enough materials for 2-3 interactive activities, and packs in a nifty little parent guide too.


The Kiwi Crate

This one revolves around science, art and technology, suited for kids between 5 and 8 years of age. It includes fun hands on projects to explore science, art and engineering, and packs in an informative and cool magazine as well!


The Doodle Crate

This crate is suited for kids between 9 to 16+ years of age, and focuses on art and design, which makes it the perfect option for kids who have a creative streak. It introduces new techniques and DIY project essentials along with a detailed instruction sheet.


The Tinker Crate

This crate is perfect for budding scientists and engineers, and helps growing kids between 9-16+ years of age create models and explore science experiments and activities using blueprints, video tutorials and step by step instructions.


All in all, the Kiwi Crate makes for an excellent choice for the young minds of today- unlike other toys, it works towards stimulating the brain and making learning fun!


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