Coconut Oil for Baby Acne: How to+Benefits

Coconut Oil for Baby Acne: 101

When it comes to skincare for babies, there’s a lot to keep in mind. A baby’s skin is extra sensitive as compared to your skin, which means it is also more prone to getting affected. From drool rashes to acne, during different stages of growth, babies face different skin irritations and concerns.

coconut oil for baby acne

While you may be tempted to pick up those fancy looking creams and lotions to take care of it, remember that your baby’s skin is fragile, and slathering it with creams that contain chemicals that you can’t pronounce isn’t a good idea, and that’s where coconut oil comes in.

Read on to discover how and why to use coconut oil for baby acne and other skin conditions.

Is it Safe to Use Coconut Oil for Baby Acne

As opposed to commercially available creams and lotions meant for babies, coconut oil does not contain any harmful chemical additives or fragrances- 100% natural skin food for your baby. It is also not harsh on the skin, and tends to soothe and nourish it from deep within, and strengthens it by creating a sort of protective layer over it.

Plus, it also helps curb dryness and rashes and cracks associated with it, thereby soothing and stimulating repair of the damaged tissues quickly. 

Benefits of Using Coconut Oil for Baby Acne

Coconut oil is packed with a ton of benefits when it comes to skin health in particular. It has anti-inflammatory properties which help tackle redness and inflammation of the acne-affected skin. It also has a soothing, moisturizing effect on the skin, which helps reduce dryness and keeps the skin soft and supple.

In addition, coconut oil, when applied directly to the skin, can fight the acne-causing bacteria owing to its natural antibacterial action, which makes it one of the best natural remedies for baby acne. It also has a gentle healing action, which soothes the skin, and can help lighten acne scars and spots too. Its skin soothing properties are what make it an amazing natural skin healer, and so popular among healthy living enthusiasts. 

How to Use Coconut Oil for Baby Acne

Not sure how to use coconut oil for baby acne? Follow these quick tips and tricks and you’re sorted!

  • Swap your baby’s massage oil with coconut oil- not only is it healthier but cost effective as well.
  • Before putting your baby to bed, massage a little coconut oil onto the area affected by acne.
  • Create a half and half mixture of coconut oil and baby lotion, and use it instead of just regular lotion.

What’s best is the fact that coconut oil has a molecular structure that makes it very easily to be absorbed by the skin- perfect for babies. Always make sure you choose a baby-friendly variety of coconut oil when you make your purchase, or even better, just stick to organic coconut oil since it is less likely to undergo all the processing and bleaching that regular coconut oil goes through. Before you go ahead and buy coconut oil, make sure you check and confirm that your baby isn’t allergic to it. While coconut allergies are rare, they do occur- so make sure you proceed with caution especially if you’re using it for the first time for your baby.

Other Uses for Coconut Oil

Apart from being used for baby acne, coconut oil has many applications for babies.

  • Ran out of diaper cream? Use can use coconut oil for diaper rash and other skin irritations that your baby may have.
  • You can also use coconut oil as a natural remedy for cradle cap- a skin condition that affects many young babies, which is characterized by flaky skin of the scalp.
  • This oil can also turn out to be an excellent remedy for skin conditions like eczema!
  • If your baby has rough or dry hair, massaging coconut oil regularly can help nourish and moisturize it, and make it stronger and healthier.
  • The oil can also help act as a natural remedy for many insect bites.
  • When mixed with an organic liquid soap in equal parts, coconut oil can make for an amazing healthy baby wash.
  • Candida and thrush infections are also easily cured by applying coconut oil to the affected area.
  • Some mommies also claim that using coconut oil has also help their babies with teething problems.

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coconut oil for baby acne

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