Can Kids Drink Coffee?

 Can Kids Drink Coffee?

Answering the Question: Can Kids Drink Coffee

Growing kids have a tendency to be fussy with their food, but they also like to explore different tastes and develop them. You may be a coffee lover yourself, but you may find yourself asking the question- can kids drink coffee? Well, if that’s where you’re stuck, here’s the answer for you! Read on…

The Highs

The obvious high here is the fact that coffee contains caffeine, which can help boost alertness and reduce fatigue, drowsiness and can help your kid concentrate better. Infact some studies have found that coffee could be particularly helpful for kids affected by ADD- attention deficit disorder.

The Lows

There are a lot of downsides associated with coffee consumption among children.

  • Coffee can act as a stimulant, which can contribute to insomnia, lack of sleep and erratic sleep schedules in kids, which can ultimately, affect productivity.
  • Too much caffeine in the bloodstream also tends to interfere with the body’s calcium absorption, which can affect your kid’s normal skeletal growth.
  • Most coffees also contain a lot of cream and sugar, which could contribute to weight gain if coupled with lack of physical activity.
  • Just like alcohol, coffee is addictive, and the withdrawal symptoms associated with it are real, which could be a problem in case of growing kids.
  • Too much caffeine has also been linked to stomach upset, jitteriness, headache, concentration difficulty and increased heart rate, especially in case of younger children.
  • Regular caffeine consumption has also been linked to dental caries and oral health problems in children.
  • Coffee also tends to decrease appetite in general, which could be an issue considering the fact that growing children need to focus on a healthy nutritious diet on a daily basis for optimum health.

Yay or Nay?

All in all, if you’re still wondering ‘can kids drink coffee,’ well, the straightforward answer would be no! This is because introducing caffeine at such an early stage in life could prove to have more harmful effects on the body than benefits. Growing kids need to have healthy and nutritious food to support the stability and strength of their different organs and organ systems, and as such, foods like coffee can put a sort of extra pressure or strain on the body, which is not good for health.  

can kids drink coffee

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