recipes for kids

7+ Quick Recipes for Kids to Make

Being a mom isn’t easy. There’s so much you’ve got to do literally ALL the time, and probably the toughest job of the day is making sure that you come up with delicious home cooked meals as often as you can, and that your kids love eating them too. Easier said than done right? Not anymore! We’re here[…]

law of attraction for kids

Law of Attraction for Kids: 101

From watching ‘The Secret’ to reading dozens of books on the law of attraction and possibly even mastering it, we’ve all been there and done it, and sometimes, we’ve failed too! The law of attraction can be quite frankly one of the most important lessons in life. It can do everything from shaping our reality to the one[…]

Can Kids Drink Coffee?

Answering the Question: Can Kids Drink Coffee Growing kids have a tendency to be fussy with their food, but they also like to explore different tastes and develop them. You may be a coffee lover yourself, but you may find yourself asking the question- can kids drink coffee? Well, if that’s where you’re stuck, here’s the answer for[…]