8+ Actionable Bedwetting Solutions that Work!


Uncovering the Best Bedwetting Solutions for Children & Teens

Raising children into confident and motivated individuals can be a tough job- you’ve got to handle your household work, office work, social life and still be involved in your child’s life. While there are several possible reasons your child could be experiencing loss of bladder control while he’s asleep, following a few simple strategies could help.

Read on to know more about the best actionable bedwetting solutions for kids and teens.

  • Abdominal massages work great in two ways- they pack in the healing power of touch (sometimes it’s all your child needs) and strengthen the pelvic muscles, helping establish bladder control. Heat olive oil until it reaches a slightly warm temperature and use it to massage the lower abdominal area right before your kid is about to go to bed.
  • If your child doesn’t really experience bedwetting, and it seems like just a one-time thing, it may be due to urinary tract infection. In such a scenario, there’s nothing better than cranberry juice, which is a super powerful and natural remedy for urinary tract infections.
  • Performing simple bladder control exercises can also help. Make sure you spend a little time helping your kid perform these muscle tightening exercises (aka Kegal exercises) which work wonders in improving bladder control.
  • Apple cider vinegar makes for another lesser known yet most effective bedwetting solutions ever, and tackles bedwetting and other issues associated with increased acidity by balancing the pH of the body.

Apart from following these remedies, there are a few other approaches to handle bedwetting in kids.

  • Hunt for the root cause of the problem- in most cases, bedwetting is an issue among kids who are sensitive or are psychologically disturbed or scared due to several possible exposures such as peer pressure, bullying, sexual abuse, parental abuse or even simple disagreements at home.
  • Stay more involved and talk to your kid about his concerns. Most kids develop outlets to their emotions or thoughts- some may draw or paint it or others may write it down. Look for signs of the issue that’s concerning your kid, if at all.
  • Give your child the time to heal and learn- banish the blame game. While your child’s bedwetting problem may not be a convenient thing at all, scolding him for something which he has no control over will only worsen things.
  • Reward your kid for staying dry- no fancy stuff- just his favorite food, a gaming session with you, a new box of crayons whatever!
  • Encourage bathroom tips before bedtime. Also reduce fluid intake a couple hours before bed and see if it helps tackle the problem.
  • Encourage and motivate your kid. Create a sort of chart and let him know you’ll be tracking his bedwetting status daily. If he doesn’t wet the bed, he’ll get three stars and a smiley sticker for the chart. Small things matter a lot to children. Don’t underestimate that.

Following these simple steps could help a lot, and most of all, help establish a healthy parent-child relationship as well. Remember that your kid is influenced a lot by your actions and behavior, so be the best loving person you can be, and be the pillar of strength and support for your little one!

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