30+ Crazy Cool Halloween Essentials to Get Your Hands On!

Over 30 Superb Halloween Essentials You Can Find Online

Halloween is just around the corner, and if your little one isn’t driving you crazy yet with all the prep, he sure will in the next few days; and what could be a better time than this to bond a little with your kiddo and enjoy these little moments!

Here’s offering a little extra help for you with these 30+ kickass Halloween essentials you might want to grab online- just to help you save some time!

Creepy Sidewalk Signs

The perfect way to add a little touch of creepiness to your outdoor area! Comes in three variants and a super simple way to do it right!

Blood Bag Drink Containers

Hosting a little Halloween party with your kid’s friends? These would make for the perfect thing to serve the ‘red’ drinks in!

Tarantula Halloween Decoration

This no fuss tarantula adds that perfect scary vibe instantly and you don’t even need to spend hours setting it up. Plus, its 4 feet tall, so yeah!

Haunted Doll

Who says only Annabelle is haunted? This sound activated haunted doll will make for the perfect thing for your home setup for that Halloween party.

Zombie Hand Stakes

How would a couple of zombie hands coming up from your front lawn look like on Halloween? Yeah that’s why we’ve recommended this one!

Halloween Themed Stamps

Got a kiddo who loves art? These stamps could be a great addition to his collection with the little scary vibe.

Halloween Stickers

Another no-fuss and no-brainer Halloween essential to grab for your little kiddo! 500 stickers to keep him busy and happy!

Scary Peeping Witch

Picture this- there’s a witch peeping into your home from the window- that’s exactly what this prop does. Creepy cool right?

Animated Ghost Decoration

A bloody ghost with glowing red eyes and a scream of ‘let me out’ that’s motion and sound activated, this prop is another Halloween party must-have!

Halloween Party Props

Parties and holidays are incomplete without selfies and pictures. Make them perfect with these 30 pcs creepy props.

Ghostly Apparition Decoration

Take your Halloween craziness up a notch with these awesome life-like apparitions that can turn any environment scary! All you need is a TV or a projector to set it up and you’re done!

Crazy Bonez Skeleton Prop

Need a skeleton in your closet (or your kid’s room)? Get your hands on the most popular and loved Halloween essential of all time!

Charizard Costume

Still not decided on the costume for the day? Get your hands on this cool Charizard costume- the perfect one for Pokemon lovers!

Captain America Costume

Available in different sizes, this costume works for kiddos and teens alike. Packed with false muscles and a fabric mask, it is the perfect package if your kid is still confused about his costume.

Stitch Pyjama Costume

This one-size-fits-all costume is another great pick and makes for a cute and comfortable choice for a Halloween costume.

Pickachu Costume

Pokemon lovers have got a lot of choices this Halloween with new costumes coming up, and you can’t go wrong with this Pickachu costume!

T Rex Costume

This inflatable costume comes packed with a battery operated fan, and is the officially licensed Jurassic World costume, perfect for kids between 5-7 years of age.

Screaming Doormat

Yes, that’s exactly what this does- it scares the hell out of anyone who dares to step on it! Sneak it under your doormat to give those little trick-or-treaters a little scare!

Little Blue Truck’s Halloween

Why should your tiny one have to miss out on all the Halloween fun? Grab this board book with a signature illustration style and delightful rhymes- another Halloween essential.

Halloween: The Complete Collection

So what if you can’t go trick or treat. Get your hands on this complete collection the Halloween with some great scary stuff!

Spooky Nail Decals

Love nail art? Get these easy to apply salon quality nail stickers for some Halloween fun with ghosts, bats and vampire teeth!

Cocoon Corpse

How would a full-sized cocoon corpse look like hanging in a corner of your room? Get this to find out!

Flashing Eyes Lights

Ditch those fairy lights and grab these ‘eye’ lights to add a touch of creepiness to your outdoor area.

Projection LED Lights

How about getting your hands on lights that work well for all occasions- Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s, fall and practically anything else? These rotating lights do it all!

Reese’s Halloween Snack

Need to fill up those Halloween candy bowls? These snacks will do the trick! Best of all, the come packed in Halloween themed wrappers.

Help Me Shower Curtain

Bloody hands and help me written on a shower curtain? Why not? Because there’s no such thing as going overboard with Halloween right?

Halloween Themed Socks

Who doesn’t love fuzzy socks? These colorful pack of socks are all you need to get cozy this Halloween!

Drawstring Halloween Goodie Bags

Treat bags are an absolute must for party guests, and these cute and spooky drawstring bags make for the perfect thing!

Hershey’s Snack Assortment

Another most loved item on everyone’s wish list, this bag of snacks from Hershey’s is inspired by the demons of Halloween this time!

Peppa Pig’s Halloween Party

Let your little Peppa fan celebrate the spookiest time of the year with this cute book that packs in lovely illustrations!

Want us to expand the list? Let us know of your favorites in the comments box below! Don’t forget to share and spread the love!

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