15+ Halloween Food Ideas to Check Out!


Over 15 Super Halloween Food Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re still stuck juggling your day job and your kid’s special demands for the 31st, here’s a little something to help! We’ve compiled a list of the best cute and scary Halloween food ideas all in one place- and they all take just a few minutes to get done with.

So bookmark this, get done with the last minute costume shopping (check out our coolest picks here) and sit back and relax!

Zombie Marshmallows

Zombies attack this Halloween, and there could be nothing simpler than a handful of marshmallows painted zombie-style in edible ink. 

Egg Eyeballs

Healthy eating gets a new twist in the spirit of Halloween with these eyeball eggs- a sure winner among kids!

Zombie Cupcakes

Brace yourself folks coz the zombies are about to make a comeback with these super simple cupcakes.

Vampire Mouth Sandwich Cookies

We can’t get over the creepiness of these vampire mouth sandwich cookies. Honestly. Just look at them.

Zombie Cake Pops

How about getting your kid to help you create these simple zombie cake pops for the big day?

Ghostly Cupcakes

Running out of time? Grab a set of basic chocolate cupcakes from the bakery and put your not-so-great piping skills to work with these super easy ghostly cupcakes. It doesn’t get easier than this momma!

Zombie Dips

Oh yes! Team ‘em up with some nachos and its done! You’re welcome.

Zombie Cookies

Time to take your zombie obsession to the next level with these cookies!

Witch Hat Surprise Cookies

Another easy recipe to try your hands at! So simple and extremely delicious!

Zombie Strawberries

Presenting the perfect kid-friendly recipe for all those health-conscious mommas out there!

Meringue Ghosts

How about a little something that’s healthy for your little kiddo, and delicious too? Gotta try this one then! 

Spider Web Cheesecakes

How about giving mini cheesecakes a spider-y touch? You can’t go wrong with these super simple mini cakes.

Ghosts & Spiders Pizza

This pizza is probably the easiest one you could make. Trust us on this and just go ahead if you’ve got little time on your hands.

Mini Spider Cupcakes

Okay this might require a little more effort on your part, but they’re totally worth the time. The complex flavor of chilli and chocolate would be a great Halloween-y twist.

Zombie Bunny Cake

We’re loving the creepy feeling coming from this easter bunny who looks zombified. Cool stuff eh?
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