15+ Crazy Fun Ideas for Teens


Best of the Best Fun Ideas for Teens

Be it a Friday night or a simple little holiday from school, teens can get bored pretty quick. That’s where these crazy cool fun ideas come in! All set to keep your teens busy for a few good hours into something that’s constructive and keeps them happy too!

Cooking Time!

Cooking doesn’t mean a messy kitchen and disasters. Look up some good recipes online that are perfect for relatively young kids and don’t require a lot of use of different instruments and heat. Keep it simple but have them experiment a bit with their cooking skills.

fun ideas for teens

Board Games & Puzzles

Probably the most easiest way to keep your teen busy is to get out a bunch of old board games and get them on it. You could also download and print some puzzles or mystery solving sheets for some extra help!

fun ideas for teens

Dance Away!

Yep dancing! Because let’s face it folks- there’s nothing, literally nothing better than the feeling of dancing wildly to some really cool and fun music right?

Get Out!

There’s nothing better for growing teens than outdoor activities as opposed to spending the entire day with Netflix and on the couch. Look up some good outdoor activities for teens, or if nothing works, just get them out for a short walk.

fun ideas for teens

Picture Perfect

A hundreds selfies and 20 different filters- teens know a LOT about pictures and how to nail it, so why not put that to some constructive use? Ask them to take pictures of cool stuff (lookbooks, overlays, your garden, kids outside your home etc). A good way to keep them occupied and best of all, they’ll love it!

Nail Art Craziness!

Cute, glittery, funky and downright crazy- you’ll find tons of ideas and tutorials when it comes to nail art. So if you’ve got a teen girl who’s kind of obsessed with beauty and dressing up, why not give this a try!

fun ideas for teens


DIY Time

From face masks and scrubs to charm bracelets and bags, there’s a whole lot of stuff you can create yourself at home, and so can your teen! Shortlist a few simple yet cute DIY ideas that your teen can try and get them on it- one of the best fun ideas for teens.

fun ideas for teens

YouTube It!

Spend a few minutes online and shortlist the best informative yet fun YouTube channels your teen could connect to (think DIY tutorials, craft ideas etc)! Subscribe to all of them and have your teen watch those to learn more and enjoy at the same time!

Green Thumb Squad

Introducing your teen to gardening is the perfect way to get them out and up from the couch, and as a plus, it also helps them stay connected to the nature and spend their time in something much more constructive and fulfilling. Who knows? Your teen might have a green thumb yet to be discovered!

fun ideas for teens

YouTube Them!

What could be better than having your teen have their own YouTube channel- a lot of kids are doing it these days, and under parental supervision, your teen can too! Think up a good theme to follow (product reviews, tips and tricks, whatever) which your teen will speak about and get them on it!

Scrapbook Coolness

Scrapbooking is fun and makes for an excellent creative outlets for growing teens. Get your hands on some cool and budget friendly scrapbooking essentials stocked up and you’re pretty much sorted- one of the best fun ideas for teens isn’t it?

fun ideas for teens

Collage Time

Another great craft idea is to have your teen do a collage- it can be centered around pretty much anything (family tree, future goals, friends etc) and get as creative as possible. Let out all your art and craft supplies and watch the masterpiece in progress!

fun ideas for teens

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