10+ Simple Self Love Exercises for Kids


Simple Self Love Exercises for Kids that Actually Work!

Growing children need a lot apart from just care and attention to their needs. To grow as strong and confident individuals they need to develop a healthy self esteem, which is best learned at the early age itself. To help you inculcate self esteem in your kids, here we’ve come up with a list of over 10 simple self love exercises that work wonderfully! Go on and give it a read!

The Compliment Journal

Maintaining a gratitude journal is a great daily practise, and adding a 3 compliment list a day will take it up a notch. Have your kid make a mental picture about himself at his best, and list down the three best qualities that he would like to have, daily.

The Self Esteem Collage

Creating a simple collage of the things your kid loves, and his highs in life can be an excellent start. It’ll also help him get that little motivational push- exactly what you needed right?

Goal Breakdown

Breaking down goals into small, bite sized chunks can help, especially if your kid is caught in a lot of schoolwork, isn’t able to perform well, and is confidence issues due to it all.

Pamper Time

Low self esteem can make one think they don’t deserve anything good. That’s when a little pampering can help. Let your child get a little extra occasionally, and let him know he deserves it and is worthy of it.


Laughing is contagious, so make sure the environment at home is light and humorous. A little laughter everyday can go a long way in boosting your child’s spirit and will help him feel better about himself.

Self Esteem Bucket

Grab a cute little toy bucket from a dollar store and label it the self esteem bucket. Have your kid write down, on a piece of paper, one quality that he thinks he’s proud of himself for, and drop it into the self esteem bucket.


There’s no better way to boost self esteem than to make a contribution or being involved in something that helps someone. Encourage your kid to volunteer for a good cause every once in a while.

Positive Self Talk

Positive self talk is another excellent way in helping your child stay motivated and more confident about himself. It may sound a bit unnatural, but have your kid spend a few minutes talking to himself everyday, looking into the mirror and stating positive and motivating ideas.

Hobby Matters

Help your child develop a hobby or skill that he can pursue and practise independently. The feeling of independence and the sense of accomplish can also give your kid that little healthy ego boost.

Make the Swap

The simple act of swapping a negative thought right before it ‘completes’ with a positive thought can be an excellent way of developing a positive mentality which helps your kid develop just the right amount of self esteem.


To make things easier here’s a list of the best self love and self esteem building worksheets, activities and printables that you could use- either for your little kiddo or for yourself! You’re welcome!

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